This is us, Ani and Chris Richardson. Soulmates, married since 2011. This website documents our Spanish journey. We bought the Hillside Hideaway Spain (that’s what we call it anyway) in May 2014, we love this place and hope that you will enjoy following our adventure.

Chris is a mechanical engineer, very practical and all-around man of immense awesomeness!

Me, Ani, I handle this website. My background is nutrition, health and psychology (I have a 1st class honours degree, a masters degree in nutritional medicine, specialist qualifications in easting disorders and obesity and also have a counselling certificate).

To see my book, available as a paperback or on Kindle “Love or Diet. Learn to nurture yourself and release the need to be comforted by food” please check out these links on Amazon UK¬†and Amazon.com

This is the YouTube video for the hit “Hideaway” by De’lacy. I used to listen to this over and over when I lived in London and felt trapped in the city, longing for a ‘hideaway’… seems fitting to post it here, I found my soulmate and we have our hideaway!




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